Payment and Insurance

Each client is responsible to pay for sessions at the time of the appointment. Therapy sessions are 45-50 minutes and are usually scheduled on a weekly basis. A 24 hour notification is required to cancel an appointment or the client is responsible to pay for the missed session. The fee for an evaluation session is $150 and the fee for a regular session is $120. There are several ways that people choose to pay for their therapy sessions, you can self-pay or you can use insurance.

Self- Pay

Clients who prefer not to use their insurance or do not have mental health benefits with their insurance, can decide to self-pay for treatment.  At the end of each session, clients will pay the full fee by cash or check.


Most insurance companies cover mental health treatment; it is the client’s responsibility to determine if their insurance plan covers therapy with me (Dr. Lynda Morris Parham-Licensed Psychologist).  I am on the panels of several insurance companies which means I am an in-network provider.  There are other companies who have out-of –network benefits that will cover treatment with me.

A client’s participation in therapy is strictly confidential. Some insurance companies require documentation of services prior to sending reimbursements. I do not release information about treatment to anyone without the client’s written consent.

Accepted Insurance Plans



Blue Cross Blue Shield